So as many of you know, Mom and Dad went to the UK for a couple of weeks for their twentieth anniversary. On Wednesday morning I drove with them to the airport and said goodbye. The snow was pretty ridiculous, the roads were slow, but not too horrible.
Mom and Dad
On my way back, the roads had gotten worse. The traffic was slow and I saw four crashes. It was slick. I felt like I should get off the road for a bit, so at the Harmon's near IKEA I got out and went in. I bought myself a fruit tart which was really yummy then bought the girls gourmet cupcakes.
Fruit Tart
Gourmet Cupcakes
I ate my fruit tart, it was soo good! And then I took some pictures of myself.
I started to drive but I still felt like I shouldn't be on the roads, so I stopped at Whitney's house, just by IKEA. She was home. We talked, and laughed a lot. It was fun and nice to see her.
At home, Sophie was obviously excited to see me, this is her chilling in the wind, I think she likes sitting in the wind, when it's not too windy.
That night Sanna stayed with us. She's so funny.

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