Easy No Heat Curls

I was so happy to find out today that my hair is just long enough to again enjoy doing my favorite no heat curling method. I know I have posted about this method before, a while ago, so I thought I would share again. Plus I am glad to see it works really well with my short hair! I hate using heat on my hair and this is perfect!

I can't claim this idea as my own - here is the lovely You Tube video I found that clued me into it;

Don't you love her accent? She is so cute! She has lots of fun beauty videos.

I usually do it after washing my hair when my hair is still pretty damp, and add anti-frizz product and gel to my hair first, and then hair spray it once it's all up. You can sleep in it, and wake up the next morning with curls, or I will frequently wear it out and about wrapped up, because I like how it looks, and then the next day I have curls, two hair styles in one! 

I don't have to leave it in all that long to get good curls, at least about 7 hours, so I can do it in the morning and then if I want pretty curls for going out in the evening it will be ready. My hair holds curls really really well, so again, it does depend on your hair.

If you have issues I would advise to experiment with how wet or dry your hair is when you wrap it up, as well as experiment with what products you put in your hair before wrapping it up. 

Happy curling! Good luck!


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