Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder - it really does, doesn't it? Being apart from my family for nearly 3 years has been rough, so I am really cherishing the time I am enjoying here, but I know poor Dave is now experiencing the separation anxiety I struggled with. We both look forward to the day both our families will be back in Utah. That's where we all really belong. 

But having a new state, a new country side to explore is really fun too. My parents My dad is so so good at finding the obscure, little known places that are worth seeing. I stayed up rather late Friday night (I have been sleeping terribly lately and would rather stay up than toss and turn in bed keeping Dave up) and was woken nice and early by Dad Saturday morning. Mom had bought a little shelving unit and he was going to pick it up and invited me to go. I got out of bed, got dressed and left within 5 minutes. 


We drove about an hour, actually crossing into Maryland to a barn turned antique store. Technically one house, two barns turned antique store. Certainly worth the fun drive out. VA (and Maryland) may have more traffic and not-very-nice people, but the history, the green land, the excess of trees and the excess of antique stores (with unbelievable prices) makes up for it all. Mostly.

Almost bought him

As we were finishing up, heading back towards home we passed a sign for a "Barn Sale" and decided to stop. We came upon yet another adorable barn full of antiques, where I may have bought this chair...

Sooooo darling! Right? I die over it. I have always wanted a comfy red chair. It may not be real leather, but I am overjoyed with it, and at only $120, who could say no?! I sure couldn't. I can't wait to fit in into our lives back in Utah. I can just picture myself, enjoying a good book, a cup of hot chocolate, wrapped in my favorite cream knit blanket. Sounds divine, wouldn't you admit?

After that we met up with Mom and the girls in darling Lucketts for a little more antique shopping.

I am head over heels in love with this bedroom that was set up at Lucketts. The bright colors were so fun and put a smile on my face. It really has me rethinking our entire bedroom decor. I guess you are not supposed to sleep in a brightly colored room, I feel like that's a rule, right? But who wouldn't wake up happy in this happy-go-lucky room?

And my latest obsession, iMovie. Totally worth the $4.99. 

Be sure to watch in HD!

It was all so much fun. The only downside to the day was poor Dave was at work. I am so lucky to have him! But certainly miss exploring with him.

I finished the evening off by making us our favorite Zuppa Toscana Soup. I have actually never made it, Dave's mom was always the one to make it, but it turned out perfect, I was so proud! Perfect for the chilly rainy weather we have been having (that I am loving, yay yay fall!) and it is so easy to make! 

Happy Fall! 



  1. Love the red chair! Glad you are having such wonderful adventures out there!

  2. I echo the love for the red chair! You took me with you when you described it's future life in Utah. It's a passionate chair already!

    That recipe for soup sounds Awww-mazing!!! I can't get enough of those hearty, warm soups in the winter. And it's pretty much winter here in Utah right now. We skipped fall?! I'm a little jealous you are getting to explore a whole new world out there -- sounds so charming and adventurous. Enjoy!