DC Flea

This past week and weekend have been so much fun. I have mixed feelings with VA. The traffic is horrendous. Always. The people, to be totally honest, just are not as nice as they are in UT, or on the West Coast in general from what I hear. And I really do miss the mountains. And being able to go camping, or just going outside in general without being terrified of ticks. But all that aside, it is quite pretty here, there is so much history, and there are a lot of fun flea markets, a lot more farmers markets, antique stores and adorable pubs with yummy food.

On Saturday I went out with my parents to the DC Flea. It was so much fun! I bought way too much awesome stuff, but all for a killer deal.

I bought this cute ring. It's a little big on me so I will probably get a chain for it and wear it as a necklace. 

Once I loose enough weight (hopefully) I'll buy an ornate one, like this one.

I also bought a darling red basket, only $10! We used it the very next day. I am so happy with it. I might paint it white, or light blue, I can't decide!

I also bought this adorable white, craved wooden frame and this funny octopus postcard. 

And finally a croquette set!

We also went over to another antique store where I saw this cute globe. I want to try and DIY this! A Blog post soon to come on that, hopefully!

For lunch mom and dad took me to a British Pub, Hunter's Head Tavern. The food was so yummy, all fresh, local and organic. The house that the restaurant is in was originally built in 1750. The building still retains its original log cabin walls, fireplaces, mantels, floors on the upper stories, and even the original house well in the basement. The only change to the house has been the addition of the small kitchen at the back of the original building.

I wasn't too hungry, and still planned on going out with Dave once he got off from work, so I just got a small salad with chicken. 

It was Oh. My. Goodness. So. Tasty! I cleaned my plate! Spotless  I never do that. But seriously, so yummy.

I also got to try their bread that my mom always raves on about. 

So good. Flaky on the outside, incredibly soft on the inside. Words cannot describe how wonderful this bread is. If you are ever even remotely in the area, go there just to try the bread.

We then shared their warm chocolate chip bread pudding, topped with whipped cream and a bourbon sauce. 

So yummy! I have never had bourbon (surprise) but the sauce had an almost cinnamon flavor to it, which paired with the rich warm chocolate chips was perfection. 

Also, a lady at the Flea Market told me she loved my dress and thought I looked adorable. Fall is in the air and I am loving it! Fall is easily my favorite. Bring on the layered outfits, boots, sweaters and scarves!

 My lace dress and boots are from Target. So in love with them.

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