A Little Update

I had been really sick for nearly 3 weeks. 3 weeks! Ugh. I finally made a visit to the doctor who told me that it didn't sound too serious but that my stomach may have had too much stomach acid which was making my stomach raw. So he gave me something to take twice a day to lower the levels of stomach acid. Immediately it helped! I am so glad that it was such an easy fix and nothing more serious. So grateful for modern medicine! 

The other day Dave and I took my ring for a check up and get cleaned. Can I tell you what a pain it was just to find Jared! We had never been in that area before, and the dumb navigation app kept having us take u-turns and couldn't figure out how to get us there. There was a point where I actually said, "Just forget it, let's go home!" But, after trying a different app (thanks for being No Help, Waze!) we finally got there. 

The lady at Jared asked where we got the ring, because she had never seen the design before. I am glad to know my ring is unique, even to someone who works at Jared. 

I have a lot of friends who have upgraded or added on to their wedding rings after only being married a short time. And that's fine, but I've had this ring running on four years now and I haven't had one day where I am sick of it. I love my ring. Sure, I would like to do a custom add-on to it, but I am still perfectly happy with it. 

After they cleaned it and confirmed I had no loose stones we went to find a place for lunch. Directly across from Jared we found a Jason's Deli! I literally squealed. 

Dave said, "I have never heard you make that noise, over anything." I was seriously excited. I had no idea Jason's Deli was in VA, I thought they were just on the West Coast. Happy day! 

enjoying lunch

After a yummy lunch we visited our favorite, World Market. Ugh, I LOVE that place. 

Darling little pop-up cards they had. All sold out though! Heart break! 

I WILL be going back to buy these darling, nesting owl measuring cups! 

If you have never treated yourself with a trip to World Market, go, and bring at least $50, if not $100. And make sure to buy a bottle of the Georgia Peach sparkling soda. You're welcome.

Happy Friday!


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