A Little Random

(these posts are not in order by dates so... yeah...)

* Rupert

At work (the Legacy Center) we have a ghost. Okay, not really, but when ever weird things happen, we blame it on Rupert the ghost. Well it was his birthday the first Saturday in May. So we decided to have a party for him. We got pizza, hung around till the building closed, and ate cake. We left him one piece in the elevator, (that's his place.) Nothing happened. But it was fun to hang around with friends!


But that's not the end of the story....

The next day, (a Sunday, the LC is closed..) the Janitor decided to come in and do some cleaning. He decided to Zamboni the track. He backed up the big thing into the elevator, sucking up Rupert's birthday cake. Unawares, the cake got dragged all over the track, leaving a big mess.....

AVM (Aliens Vs Monsters)


My dear friend Michelle and I went out for lunch a while ago. We tried out Zupas (just off the highway, across from Target and Paradise). They are very Paradise like. We both liked them a lot! They have yummy salads (I don't really like Paradise salads, but I love their sandwiches and Zupas have okay sandwiches). And you get a chocolate dipped strawberries. I haven't had any yet, but it looks like they have other super yummy deserts, and yummy soups! After that we for frozen yogurt. (Go to Frozen Yogurt Junction by the old Smiths in AF, the best! And super cheap!) we shopped then joined my family to see a movie. Fun times!

The Crazy Van

Driving around by the Walmart in AF (yay we have our OWN Walmart - lol I'm even excited even though I don't like Walmart...) Megan and I came across this van.....

Jesus is the light, how is your bulb?


The 10 Commandents are not adjustable.

Does your light shine, or just your flashlight?

God is waiting for you to do your part.


If you want to smoke in heaven, God will smoke you.

Kinda random, but I think, really interesting. Some good life quotes. Some.

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