Grad Night! / My Birthday

As I said below, Grad Night was an all night party from 10 - 6 am. Crazy, but fun!
There was tons of stuff to do and tons of prizes to get. I got some scrap booking stuff and a couple gift certificates. There was mini golfing, a movie, tons of food, a giant game of twister, boxer bingo, a dance off, a comedy show (like whoes line is it anyways? funny!) and the pool opened at 3 am.

Bubbles in the locker room. Is that allowed?
Jain and her mad golfing skills.
Molly won a blanket.
The top notch comedy guys.
Afterwards, Molly and I decided to drive to the temple and watch the sun come up.
She fell asleep on the way, and I feel asleep while sitting there.
After that, I drove home then left again with my dad to fix the jeep and go out to breakfast.
After that we met the family and watched Up (AMAZing! See it!)
And then I went to Whitney's baby shower, then went shopping and to dinner with her and Michelle.
When I got home I showered then slept for 13 hours.

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  1. my computer doesn't like your pictures. it refuses to show them. so we can either say that they are too fabulous too behold or they are either so ugly that my computer will overload with . . . ugliness. . . hm. what a dilemma.

    my golfing skills are so mad they're angry . . .