Kids Say the Darndest Things


I love this girl! As I've said, I've babysat her for a long time. She says the funniest things.
One time my dad came over while I was babysitting for some reason and he was talking to her. He asked her if I had had any boys over at the house. She said yes. My dad said, "What!? Who?" And she smiles, and says, "You!" pointing at him.
One day I was visiting her and she was talking to me. This is basically how the conversation went;
Her ~ "We're going camping soon. I'm so excited! But I'm so very sad."
Me ~ "What, why?"
Her ~ "Because I have to leave my love behind." (looking sad)
Me ~ "Oh. Who's your love?"
Her ~ "Max." (a neighbor boy, down the street)
She went on to tell me they were getting married, and I was to be planning their wedding.
Me ~ "Well when is it? I haven't gotten an invitation."
Her ~ "Well you have to make them first. And when I'm like twenty."
I asked her if they had kissed and she said,
"Ew gross! I'll never do that."
Me ~ "Good, don't."
And she told me her love was a secret and that I couldn't tell anyone. She said;
"Don't tell my mom and dad."
Me ~ "Why not? You have to invite them to the wedding."
Her ~ "My secret will stress them. I'll just post invitations all over Utah."

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