I'm super behind in posting. I have a ton of pictures I need to put up and I've just been so busy! Like one of Janet from work! Lol! It's a funny story ~ soon to come!

But for now, what I do have up is some of my latest Anome Photo shoots.
I've had some super sweet shoots lately and they are totally worth checking out!

First, some of you may remember Whitney. She use to live here. Well I did a Maternity shoot. And just after the shoot, 7 hours later she had a beautiful baby girl!

Just a Few

Brand New

And next a totally awesome shoot with some friends from work! These girls are super cute! And they were great models to work with! It was awesome and I hope I get to work with them again!

"That's What Happens When You Make Love To A Tree"

These two are my top faves of the shoot! I think they are so awesome! Thanks ladies!

"That's What Happens When You Make Love To A Tree"

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  1. Great shots! I'm glad all went well with Whitney...I'm glad to know she's happy.