Help Me Out!

So I've been trying and trying and trying to post this post, but technology is REALLY against me this week! What is the deal!?!?! I guess it's telling me I need to get off the computer and GET OUT! Next week looks promising!!

I totally just got a horrid scrape! Random! Bleeding! Thanks to those handy dandy Twilight band-aids.

Any who... = P

I need to print new business cards. I want them to be super awesome, super unique and super memorable. But I’m such a perfectionist; this is proving to be a really hard project.

So below are my designs so far.

Picture holding one; would it be a cool business card? Memorable? Unique? Which of the ones below do you like the most? Or should I just print some of all of them?

Help me out, please!

Thanks! = o)

Anome Photo

Anome Photo

Anome Photo

The real version of this ^ one is a lot better, but I don't think Flickr agrees with it.... How frustrating. =(

You can see larger (but lower quality) versions of all these picures in this Slide Show


Wow, I just stubbed my toe and scraped it a little bit. Can we say bad luck? =(


  1. I like the last one the most... shows a variety and I like all the bright colors

  2. I really like the first one, won't they be really expensive to make them like that?

  3. The 1st or 2nd one. The third seems to busy.