Funny Story

Okay so funny story. I wasn't there but I just was informed about it... So a few mornings ago Christina came to my mom crying and saying, "Mom, I swear. I swear. I swear I was sleep walking."
She claimed to have slept walked and cut herself some bangs.
Um..... LOL!

In the end the truth came out that she wasn't in fact sleep walking.... But quite the story huh? Now, whenever I do anything wrong, I will just say, "I swear I was sleep walking!"

And because a post is no good without pictures, I'll share my latest FAVES from my latest AWESOME sessions!

DSC_0071 ed(2)


It's getting cold, fast! Do you need family pictures?! Let me know! I'd be happy to help!

As always, you can see more work on my Photo Blog!

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  1. I sure love those Fitzsimmons kids! H dresses them so cute!