I'm behind ~ Really behind

Yup I've been so lacking on blogging. Oh well. But I'll catch up a bit...

The holidays were fun. They feel like forever ago.... What did I get? I got some clothes... Some yummy spray stuff, Spoon Me and Gap gift card! The Teen Vogue Handbook, Saweet! Cute camera strap. Some other good stuff. How were yours?

I went sledding a few times. There is a hill in the Ranches that is really pretty good!


Love my Michelle Belle!

And introducing Boyfriend Dave....


Aren't we cute?

So here's our story...

So remember that New York trip?

New York

Well we met just before I left, and we spent the entire time texting. The day after I got back we had our first date and we've been inseparable ever since.
So.... We're not engaged yet, but we're going to get married! Yay! We've picked out the ring, he just has to purpose, and just last weekend I found my dress!
We went to a bridal fair and I won a free veil. I found the dress I liked, picked out a veil that matched, and ran around to different stores to see where I could get the best price. I found a little store in Holladay that would give it to me for $100 cheaper than anywhere else!

So... You wanna see it? Cause it's pretty fantastic....

Pretty amazing!?!? Right!! I got a total steal and I have it like 80% paid off! Our wedding will be awesome! Our colors are dark red, light pink, and cream.

I feel really busy, working and planning, and at the end of this month I am registered for the Nichole Van Workshop so that will be awesome! And if you know anywhere that is hiring, let me know! I need to start saving up for a computer (for my photo biz), a car, a wedding; a new job so I can help pay for rent and ya da ya da....

On a side note, I'm putting together a recipe book, so if you have any great family recipes, send them my way! abs7121@yahoo.com


  1. LOVE the dress.

    Seriously, you don't want recipes from me.

  2. Katie makes fabulous muffins! LOL. Gorgeous dress, Adria! Congrats.