Doc's, Spoon Me, and 91

So I had to go up to Primary Children's for my last heart check up as a "child". For those of you who are unaware or unfamiliar I have Dextrocardia which means basically my heart is just on the "wrong" side of my chest. So your heart is more on your left side, mine is more on the right. So I guess I have the one that's the right way. Hahaha.
Any ways, I get check ups on it, to make sure I'm all good.
This time I got an MRI. I can't remember having had one. It's a lot more claustrophobic than I throught it would be. But it wasn't so bad. I had to have an IV =( they pumped contrast into my heart so they could see it better.
When I first got in there, it was pretty chilly, but after the machine had been running like 30 minutes, it was starting to warm up. Than they pumped the contrast through the IV and I could feel this.. coldness creeping through my arm, my shoulder, to my chest. It was weird. But I survived! And Dad took me to the Corner Bakery after wards, and to get cannolis!


Waiting for the Doc.

Spoon Me

Random - Megan at a recent Spoon Me visit. Dave and I will be living in walking distance to a Spoon Me! I am so lucky!!


Picture - day 91!


As of today(5/21/10)... only 85 days! Ca-Razy!

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  1. I like your dad with a beard now tell him to grow his hair out. I bet he would have amazing long shaggy hair.