New Years Resolutions

What are yours?

I have a few hopes and goals for this year....

I think my biggest two are expand my business,

and make our house feel more like a Home.

We've lived here for nearly 6 months now, well Dave has actually lived there longer, but for me it's only been 6, and it still just doesn't really feel like home. Maybe because I can't get out of my head about how Ghetto I feel it is, or how sometimes I just dislike Provo just so much. But when I go home at the end of the work day, I still feel like home is Eagle Mountain.

Honestly, some days I really like our apartment. Especially when other people (Provo dwelling people) come to visit and comment on how large it is. Our kitchen, for a first kitchen is really large. I like that about it. Our front room is big too.

But on the downside...

Our bathroom is tiny, and horribly needs to be remodeled. The wall behind the toilet looks like its decaying. The paint is missing in a few spots and you just see this odd looking crumbly wall. I don't know how to fix it, and even if I did, it would probably be pricey to fix, and pointless since it's a rental. No one else will likely fix it because it's a rental, in Provo. No one stays long in one place any ways.

Also, in the bathroom the vent doesn't work. So after a steamy shower, the entire bathroom, Entire is pretty much sopping wet and it takes to dry out. Now that's its winter and we aren't as nervous about bugs coming in we open the window, and that helps, but the bathroom still gets moldy. We have to wipe down the walls, I would say weekly as the bathroom is just that... moist. That can't be good for any one's health.

We are in a basement apartment and the stairs down to the place are bad too. You go into what looks like a cellar to get to the stairs. There is no railing, and even worse no light, so at night it's pitch black. I've fallen. It's horrid. They sent a guy out to fix the light, he said there wasn't a problem with it and to replace the bulb. We have, it still doesn't work.

I don't know how long we will live here, but I figure that I won't mind it as much if I work with it more in making myself love it more.

So here's the plan.

I really need to print more pictures to hang in the apartment. I am kicking my self because we have been married a while now and we still haven't printed any of our pictures out. I'm horrible I know.

The front room needs a rug. But rugs are dang pricey. If anyone has recommendations on where to get one, let me know.

The kitchen needs pictures. We have this cute, antique looking clock and that I just have sitting in a corner now. I plan to hang it on the above the kitchen table and surround it with old family shots, from both sides. Again, more pictures I need to print.

Cora Bailey (Pugh)

Adolph Schmidt - WWI

Also, I plan on doing this;

With lots of the cards we got from our wedding and hanging it in our bedroom. Shouldn't be too hard to pull that together, right?

Also, my parents bought me two Kodak Brownies for Christmas, which I want to buy film for and use, but when they are not in use, I want to by a shelf and sit them above my desk with some pictures.

I want to do something for our bathroom. But what? Any thoughts on how to make it less sketchy? The stairs too?

Thanks for reading. If I haven't seen you in a while, I miss you.

(I'll add more pictures to this later)

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