Clouds, Mountains and... Sea?

With Spring coming and I am itching to clean and redecorate every inch of my apartment! Dave and I have recently agreed I get to buy one decor item each paycheck! Yay!

I wanted to hang some pictures up as well. In our living room I wanted a large panoramic shot of some mountains. I had never really done any before, so for a few days I was always sure to have my camera with me and would stop to take a picture of any pretty view.

One day before... and after work I went down to Utah lake and got some shots I love. I had gone down there before if you remember, that is where we did some engagement shots of Brad and Julie. On the day we had gone down together it was nothing like I had hopped for and was really foggy and gloomy.


But I went back and got some pretty pretty shots. I had this perfect picture in mind of super contrasty mountains and pretty clouds, that I planned to blow up and frame over our TV. I didn't get exactly what I had in mind... but I think I like what I ended up getting a bit better. ;

The two below pictures were a close tie on what to have printed and framed, but the bottom picture ended up winning due to it's pretty pretty clouds.

The clouds in this image are kinda just a blob.

Clouds, Mountains and... sea?

The beauty of a winner that is happily framed over my TV!
Funny story --- it was due to come in the mail Thursday, and so while I was at work I kept texting Dave asking if the picture had come in the mail but it hadn't. As soon as I got home I ran to the mail box, still nothing. Dave ran into the house to grab a coupon for dinner and we went to get some take out. Despite how late it was when we got back, I was still hopeful that by some chance it had come, but it still had not. Sad, I sat at the TV and started eating to find that Dave had sweetly already hung it up above the TV! So sweet!

Clouds, Mountains and... sea?

I really liked the color version of this picture, amazing colors! But just since it was to be above the TV, I wanted it printed in black and white. Call me weird. You really have to come by to visit to get the full awe of it.

Clouds, Mountains and... sea?

Oh and another pretty picture --- This would have been at the far right hand of the above shot, but I was having a hard time getting it to come together, so I edited it on it own.

Clouds, Mountains and... sea?

Happy almost Spring!

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  1. I think you made the right choice going with the pretty, pretty clouds. The mountains look great in the other picture but the clouds win I think. Nicely done. Love ya!