Greek Gyros

So a while back I posted about an Greek restaurant in Salt Lake that Dave and I went to, and loved. We don't go to Salt Lake often and haven't found a local Greek place good enough to waste money on, so we have been making our own.

It's a really easy meal, and I love it because it's not a fatty fatty meal. A normal Gyro is usually a lot fuller then our little ones here, ours just depend on what we have in the fridge at the time. I buy pita pockets at the store, and Greek Yogurt.

I had Basil, salt and pepper to the Yogurt. And then grill chicken in Basil and a little bit of olive oil. Normally I put cucumbers, tomatoes and feta in the pitas as well, but we only had tomatoes that day. Still plenty yummy!



My next Greek recipe to perfect is an Orzo pasta salad....

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