My Camera Bag

So I spent two days a few weeks ago slaving over a new camera bag, and I have to say, I am pretty proud of it.
I stumbled upon, thanks to Pinterest, this blog with steps on a DIY camera bag. I have been lusting over a few camera bags, all of which are $80+. Yuck.
So, feeling inspired, I went to make my own.
I found a bag at Target that was nice and deep with a zipper, for only about $25.
I already had fabric that I had previously used for photos, but I hadn’t used it for about a year, so I figured it wouldn’t mind being used for something else.I bought 2 large squares of foam padding from Hobby Lobby for about two bucks each, plus Velcro for $8.
I have a sewing machine my mom had given me when I had gotten married, but I soon found the “foot” was missing (the ski shaped thing that holds the fabric down).
I wanted to have the camera bag done and ready for my Colorado trip that was 2 days away, of course, finding and buying a foot would have saved me time, but at the moment I was car-less, and just wanted it done. So... I started the painful process of hand sewing.
It took me a lot longer without a sewing machine, but I managed to finish it in time and am very proud.

I promise I will upload better photos soon.

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  1. Looks good! I want to see better pics though...looks like a project I might be interested in! Love the purple.