Are You On Pinterest Yet?

As you probably know, I am a Pinterest addict. It's easy to become one!

I am sure you have read my many previous posts about how wonderful it is...

I can't help but often share all the awesome and inspirational things I find on that gem of a website:


Plenty of DIY projects to keep me busy for years to come:

DIY Vanilla
This years Christmas gift

Stamps from veggies
I have some seriously cool art planned from this!

Home made art
out of toilet paper rolls
I am seriously in love with this

My favorite photo of the week
Not to mention that it is a High Res
Free Download

A Yummy meal I am Dying to make
Coconut Chicken, with Apricot Sauce
Can you say yum?

Products I am dying for:

Awesome. Simply Awesome.

A sweater I must have for this coming fall

And a show that is my latest addiction
Interest spawned thanks to Pinterest

Itching for a Pinterest invite? Shoot me your email address and you can join the club!

And now I am off for a fun weekend! Camping at the oh so pretty Mirror lake, and then coming home to a house now wired with internet!! Yay! I will get to enjoy Don Draper (of Mad Men) on my big fat TV instead of my small iPhone!!!

Links for each photo:

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