30 Day Challenge ~ Day 7

Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

Are you ready for a novel?

I don't have just one person or one thing that has made a big impact, but I have a few. 

First, and the most important, my Parents.

New York

They are the reason I am even here today typing up this blog post, huge impact right there. 

They are the perfect examples of how I want to be when I am there age. There are extremely wise with their money, and work very hard to make sure all us girls are happy, even when they are clear across the country. 

They are a wonderful example of love throughout time. I photograph so many families and lots of the parents don't care to be very touchy feely, and often don't even want to kiss each other. My parents are always very loving to each other and are very open about that. It's always been that way, ever since I could remember, which I feel is sadly, very rare for most other couples.

 My mom is so amazing in how far she has come in growing and selling her books. How popular they are is amazing to me and so fun to see. Its a wonderful example encouraging me to try, try, and try again with my own endeavours. Also she is a fabulous cook, and as a result so am I. My taste buds thank her, but I don't think my waist line does. 

My dad is my rock. He is our (Dave and I) 411. He can help us when we are lost, or when I am in a panic because my computer won't turn on or I can't download photos from a wedding I have photographed, or when we can't figure out why our garbage disposal isn't working, or when I am needing tips on what things are good and are not good buys. I know I can go to him with any questions, or help with anything I need and he will be honest, straightforward, loving, and  almost always right.

I love my parents and I am forever grateful to them in every way.

Two rocks in one photo

Dave and Adria

When Dave and I met I was very upfront about how I did not want to get married. I did not. But here I am two years later, married. And Happily. I am so blessed and so grateful to have met Dave and be able to call him Mine. I could not imagine my life without him, every day is a treat, and this is just the beginning. 

He is the most supportive husband I could have asked for. He is usually willing to come with me on photo-shoots, hold my bag, help pose clients, give (amazing) ideas on shots, and hold my scrim. He is just as excited about my business and the work I do as I am, and I love that.

Even though sometimes I don't want him to, he makes my happiness his top priority, and is always happy to do a Beto's run for me. He is a wiz in the kitchen and is always happy to help. He grills up the best chicken with the simplest seasonings that always blows me away and comes up with the yummiest meals.  

He is very loving, caring and sweet and I can't wait to see how he is with our children because I know he will make the most amazing father. 

And finally... George... 

Three years ago today (I will admit it -- I have been cheating --- on days I know I will be busy, I do the next days post ahead of time, so I am writing the post today the 23rd, and it will be released the 24th.) Three years ago today Grandma Schmidt died, and Grandpa Schmidt moved in with us. He only lived with us for 2 months before passing on and being reunited with his wife who I know he missed so much. Despite how short the time was that we lived with us, I was forever changed. He was such a loving, caring, hard working, selfless man. 

I'll be honest, in high school I was a bit of a brat. I dated the wrong boy, and focused on the wrong things, and was rebellious. But when George died, a few things happen. I realized I was focused on the wrong boy and the wrong things, and I changed. I became more focused on myself and improving my life in a way that I knew George would be proud to see me living. Even though he didn't exactly live with us any more, I knew he was always with me, and I wanted to never disappoint him. That was when I really found my passion in photography and when I started my business. 

I still miss George, every day, but I am so grateful for the time we did have with him, the wonderful example he is.

Thank you for reading. I am grateful for all of my wonderful family and friends and the support and love you all share with me. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and eat too much delicious food.

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