Heat Free Curl Testing

So I have spent the past couple weeks testing Heat Free Curl strategies. I found these ideas thanks to glorious Pinterest.

I have a confession.
I don't know how to use a curling iron. I have a horrible time doing it, and I have pretty much given up. So when I found these ideas I was so excited!

Here is the first one I tried, Sock Bun Curls


For this one I tried it a few times, but each time I got mediocre waves, that only lasted a few hours. I think my hair is way too thick for this method. Although this method is the most comfortable for sleeping in, and the easiest do to. So, if you have thin hair lucky you! Also, make sure your hair is fairly damp. I found that if its not damp enough it doesn't work very well, if at all.

Ooooh waves (that only lasted like two hours...)

Next I tried the sock rolled curls.

Most well done video out of the three, and personally my favorite way for curls. Since my hair is so thick, the rolls being separated helps a lot. Although the first time I did this I had a very very hard time keeping my hair from slipping out. Just make sure the ends are tucked in and then just roll up slowly. The curls come out  perfect and last all day. I will also say, my husband laughed a lot at how funny I looked when I did this. And I had a hard time sleeping my first night trying this, but I have done it a few times since and it's not as bad. You may went to take a very large sleeping pill for your first time, unless you sleep with curlers on your head a lot....

and finally

Hair Band Curls

I love this girl. She is so cute and her accent is awesome. This way probably takes the longest out of any of them. I have done this way a couple times and I have a hard time making the curls look similar on both sides. Also, if I an wearing it like this out and about my head starts to get really itchy... It's fine for about four hours but then the itch sets in...  Personally, I love the headband hair style, totally in love with it. These curls are very springy, that hold very nicely and last all day.



Good luck with your curls! Enjoy savings hours upon hours spent in front of the mirror!