30 Day Challenge ~ Day 18

Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have

I have a lot of plans, dreams and goals.


-Make sure to give out good Christmas gifts this year to family and friends --- which I am starting to work on that today. 
-Also need to get the Husbands Christmas gift ready, because it will be epic. 
-Start working on my own Christmas gift, remodeling our bedroom.
- We will be in Virginia for Thanksgiving or Christmas next year. We will.
- I plan to start being wiser with our money. 


- To go somewhere exotic this coming year. And I refuse to travel without the husband. I traveled like 4 times this year, all by myself. It was fun, but I am ready to travel like a normal married person.
- I dream to quit my current full time job. Hopefully that will be a reality soon.
- I dream of having a puppy.
- I dream of not being sick any more. Cause I am terribly sick right now. Boo.
- I dream of going clothes shopping because I haven't been for a while.


I have a lot of goals, I have quite the list of New Years Resolutions that I am actually pretty excited about. Here are just a few.....

-Perfect my alfredo recipe. I think my alfredo is the best of all, but it needs to be a little more thick and little more flavorful. 
- Perfect a pizza crust recipe. I have a pretty good one, but I wish it was little crispier. 
- Perfect a frosting recipe for cinnamon rolls. I have the cinnamon rolls down to where I like them, but I have the hardest time finding a frosting I love. 
- We love homemade Gyros -- I just need to find a perfect pita bread recipe.
- Start running.   

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  1. Ha! I love your dream of quitting your current full time job. :) I'll pray for you.