30 Day Challenge ~ Day 24

Day 24- A letter to your parents

I have already did one post that was very much a letter to my parents..... To today I am writing to the In-Laws

I am so grateful and so thankful to have such wonderful in-laws. They are such strong, wonderful people. They are former Marines and have done a great job of raising a family of 6.

For a little bit of background...

Papa Cavanaugh joined the church when he was in college. His family did not support his choice and pulled the plug on his college funding. He joined the Marines and later married Mama Cavanaugh. For many converts I know, not all, but many, they often have a very strong love and passion for the gospel. And this is very much the case for Papa Cavanaugh. He loves the gospel. He is an amazing teacher and is always happy to share the great knowledge he has.

They are both very hard workers and great examples of over coming all challenges. Papa worked for a very long time as a truck driver to support the family. He was rarely home, but the family was taken care of financially. He is now working to finish his education and Mama Cavanaugh is currently the one supporting their family working as nurse.

They are great examples of hard work and a family living simply, happily. I am so grateful to be part of their family and to have been able to meet and marry their wonderful son. 

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