30 Day Challenge ~ Day 30

Day 30- Your favorite song.

We've come to the last day of my 30 day challenge! Do you believe it? I made it!

Today is a hard one, my favorite song. I love music. My family is crazy about music. I have to be listening to music when I'm in the car. Always. And not the radio. It has to be my own stuff.
I don't have just one favorite song. Really.
I would say my favorite song that I have been listening to for the past few years and I still listen to a lot is Sit Down By the Fire, the Veils.
Right now I am a big fan on Mumford and Sons and Beirut. 
Little Lion Man, Mumford and Sons (sorry I can't find a clean version)
Elephant Gun, Beirut

I also love Local Natives;

Sun Hands, Local Natives
World news, Local Natives

And I love 5 Years Time, never get sick of that song.
5 Years Time, Noah and the Whale. I particularly love the music video Especially the Fun, Fun, Fun part. Watch it and it will make sense!

Well thanks for embarking on this 30 day adventure with me. Starting Monday I'll be taking a picture a day to take your breath away! At least that's the goal.

Happy Saturday! Thanks for reading!

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