Happy Birthday to my Mom

So today was my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday mom! Thanks to my dad's hard working in formatting and editing the latest book in her Fateful series was released today! She has worked on all of her books for a very long time and it's exciting to see what a fan base they have now that they are "on the shelves".

If you have read her books, write a review! If you have not read them, do so!

My mom is not the easiest person to shop for. She likes frilly things, anything with ruffles, but it's still hard to know what she would love. My parents and sisters have lived in Virginia for a year and a half now and I decided, last minute to go visit some of her dear friends here in Utah and make a little Happy Birthday video for her.

Happy Birthday from Anome Cavanaugh on Vimeo.

Also! This weekend (when I wasn't sick. Ugg) I spent a lot of time decorating! And have a few DIY crafts to be sharing soon!

Happy weekend!

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