Update on Coconut Oil

So I have started adding Coconut Oil to my diet. I used it first for my toast as a replacement for butter with a orange marmalade. Couldn't really taste it. No big deal. I also put a glop of it in my hot tea. It really wasn't bad at all, but I drink my tea very slow, like over span of two hours, because I like it hot and cold. So obviously by the end of it the coconut oil had returned to solid form. Gross;

Also I have been using this stuff on my skin for about a month now and it's so soft. For reals. Buy this stuff. You will thank me. Also it's cheaper than your average lotion. I usually use Bath and Body Works, and you can get good deals from them, but when it's not on sale, it's $10-$12 for a 8oz bottle. The coconut oil small size is 16oz for $8. I got the large size, 32oz for $13. Hello. What more do I have to tell you to convince you you should buy this stuff?

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