What's Been Going On

I've been good about blogging but not good about blogging about us. So here's to changing that! We really don't get out as much as I would like because of our work schedules. I work pretty much all day every day (boo) and Dave works evenings, has Wednesday and Thursday off and every other weekend off. Even though we don't have that much time together, I've been trying to use the time we do have off do to something fun.

Last week we went on a double with some dear friends of ours and went up to Soldiers Hollow to enjoy some tubing. My family use to go there all time. It's so much fun! Normally it's $20 per person but we had a Groupon so it was only $10 per person!

Even though there is no snow in the valley (which makes me so sad) the fake snow up there was great! Can't complain.

This past weekend we took some pictures of my dear cousin's new baby boy, Jaxon. So cute! These photos are easily the most dear to my heart more so than any other photos I have ever taken.

If you haven't seen the full session, you're missing you! Click here!

After the hospital we had planned to go to Tucanos, but the wait time was an hour and a half and I didn't think to make a reservation. Oopse. So we went to a place called Malawi's Pizza. Super yummy! And no long wait time! 

After lunch we went to Color Me Mine. I also had Groupon for them. It was still pretty pricey, but fun! 

My little owl.

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