A Little Obsessed

So we watched the movie the Descendants the other day with George Clooney.  

The movie is the story of a family of four, living in Hawaii, and the mother of which, due to a recent boating accident is in a coma. The movie revolves around them coping with that fact the she is not improving and they will have to let her go and that in the middle of it all Clooney's character, is trying to decide who to sale the 25,000 acres of Hawaii land his family has owned for generations.  

The story line sounds quite simple, and a little sad and dull. It is a bit dramatic, understandably, but who can complain when Clooney is involved? We liked it a lot and will definitely be adding it to our collection.

The story line, the actors, the comedy, it's all good, but out favorite part of it was how insanely beautiful Hawaii is. The movie pans across blue waters, lush green hills and purple pink sunsets of what is Hawaii. Dave said something along the lines of "It's so beautiful" every 15 minutes throughout the movie. And I've found myself slightly obsessed with the idea of moving there....

The movie starts off with Clooney narrating, "My friends on the mainland think just because I live in Hawaii, I live in paradise. Like a permanent vacation. We're all just out here sipping Mai Tais, shaking our hips, and catching waves. Are they insane?"

But let's be honest, of course if you were to live there, you would have to be working some sort of job. And even if I was working the exact same terrible meaningless job I am working now, I think it would be a lot better knowing that the moment I got off work there was nothing stopping me from going down to white beaches and absorbing glorious Hawaiian sun. 

Who can complain about that? 

So crunching numbers. In the extreme unlikeliness that we actually did end up moving to Hawaii, what would it actually take? 

In looking at jobs in Hawaii, most require you to live on the island before even calling to ask about the job. So we would need have enough money for about a month at least to cover living expenses while looking for a job once on the island. 

So what are average plane tickets to Hawaii? It would be cheaper because you would only be flying one way. For the cheapest, looking at about $500 per person. Not too bad. And getting our stuff there? We would probably sale the vast majority of our things, including our car, and buy a new one once we got there and pretty much anything that can fit into a carry on, or an average sized checked bag we would take with us, mostly clothes. Anything additional we really want we could have shipped in first priority boxes. Those things ship to anywhere in the US for a low flat cost, right? Assuming that includes Hawaii we can just mail about 6 boxes for $100, not bad, enough to get sentimental stuff over. 

Then of course you have to figure out where to live. Thanks to craigslist it's actually easy to find quite decent housing for under $700 and most that I have seen include utilities. A million times cheaper than I had expected. Additionally it's quite easy to find furnished places which is particularly good since we won't have a lick of furniture. And to be frank, some of these rentals are a little on the shack side, and oddly enough a lot of them do not include a stove or even just a range. But hey, I could live off of fruit and veggies, and I probably should, given that I would want to be in a swimsuit 90% of the time.

But regardless of how shackish the place is you can't complain with a view like this in your back yard;

actual photo from a craigslist add for a rental under $700

Even if your place is small, if your shack looks like this... 

actual photo from a craigslist add for a rental under $700


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