Social Media, Blogging, and the Internet in General

I watched this episode of the Framed show and one of the things the photographer talked about was how that everything we post on the internet is searchable and that our children and our future grandchildren will be able to learn so much of our lives because of all the things we post to the world wide web. And this is actually something I thought about recently because everything I blog about, in the past and what I am blogging about right now, chances are, there will come a day when my own children and grandchildren will be reading this. And it is very weird to think that because I don't think people view blogging and social media in that sort of light, but it's totally true. And it makes me think, has everything I ever blogged something I would want my posterity reading? Would it make them proud? Would it make them glad to be part of my family? And my very first blog post was August of 2008, quite a long time of blogging!

Part of me wants to go back and read every single one of my posts. And maybe sometime I will get around to it. I don't think I have anything that I would be ashamed of.... Neither really on Facebook. Sometimes I complain about stuff probably more than I should, but I don't have any photos of me smashed at some party, or in some skanky outfit at a bar, or taking a pole dancing class. But what about you? What have you posted throughout your time on the world wide web and how would you feel about your posterity reading it? Just a thought.

And to my children out in the quite distant future, for now all I really want to say is that I hope you find my frequent blogging of the past, interesting and entertaining.  

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