Feeling Dedicated!

As of Sunday I decided I was going to start working out, every day, 6 days a week. I have always gone in waves of oh, I will be healthy now, oh I will start really watching what I eat now. But this time is so different. First of all. I don't hate my body. I am not desperate about getting down to a certain weight or fitting into a certain size. I just want to be healthier. And I know that with focusing on that, in time the weight will take care of it's self.

In regards to what I eat portion control is a must for me. I have to focus on eating only when I am hungry. No more soda. Minimal sugar and carbs. Lots of water. As lots of my family and friends know, I love baking. And I have no plans to stop baking. If I want to make some cookies, I will make some cookies. I just can't eat the entire batch by myself, or make them every night. I don't believe in completely depriving myself. Pizza isn't healthy. So does that mean I am never going to eat pizza again ever in my life? Ya right. I just can't eat an entire pizza by myself again ever in my life. =)

My work out plans are --- Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 30 minute yoga session. Run (right now it's a really brisk walk/jog) at least 2 miles. 50 sit ups, 50 push ups (my push up form is Terrible! But I will get there!). Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 4 mile bike ride, 30 minute swim (or if I can't make it in to the pool, 30 minute yoga), 50 sit ups, 50 push ups.

In regards to what I plan on eating. Salads are #1. I really do love a good salad. So I have no problems eating them on a fairly regular basis. Last night we enjoyed baked salmon and salad for dinner. A very light, yummy meal! The salmon was marinated in maple syrup... So lots of sugar with a handful of spices and chopped garlic. But the portion of salmon I had was very small, but yummy! I was very happy with how it turned out!

 I have also been looking up a lot of great recipes, like this one;

5 vitamin water recipes;

25 snacks with 100 calories or less;

What work out/eating healthy tips do you find helps you stick with it and not give up?

Please feel free to follow my Tumblr where I find lots of great "thinspiration" photos and yummy recipes!
I will probably blog a lot about eating healthier, working out, since it helps me stick to it!

Happy Tuesday!

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