This Weekend / Day 1 of Week 2

The weekend is hard period when it comes to eating healthy and simply being healthy. It started off pretty good but I found myself getting super sick. I slept 5 hours on the middle of the day on Sunday. Yuck. I hate sleeping the day away. But it did help me feel better. I didn't work out at all as I had planned. Fail.

With family in town and a holiday tomorrow there are excessive amounts of yummy, unhealthy food.

When I really break down what I ate it wasn't too bad really. Saturday I had a bagel with cream cheese, a burrito (300 cal) and a turkey sandwich. Not bad. On Sunday I had biscuits and gravy for breakfast #unhealthy. Spaghetti was for dinner, but I just ate salad and some bread. Not great but not bad.

Monday was pretty good, bagel for breakfast, sandwich for lunch and pizza for dinner. Dinner was a total, I'm desperately craving this so I don't give a crap, I am going to make it. And I'm still not feeling good. Boo. But I did run. Dave has been reading this military hand book and it talks about what times you need to be running in order to pass a military fitness class. According to my time yesterday to meet their 2 mile running time I need to shave off 6 minutes. Not as bad I thought I would be.

Do you still work out when your not feeling well? I am not super sick, but I was feeling a bit nauseous while running....

Here's to Day 2 of Week 2.

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