Natural Skin Care

My skin this past week has been terrible. So many break outs, I can't even being to tell you. Ug. And none of the products I normally use are helping. At all. So I jumped on that handy dandy Pinterest and searched for acne care. I found a blog post filled with tons of natural DIY skin care solutions. 

The first one I used was Brown Sugar as a scrub;

"In the shower, once your skin is damp (and your pores have been opened up by the heat), scrub the acne problem areas with brown sugar. This will clean out dirt, dead skin cells and oil clogging your pores and soften your skin as well. The next day, you will see a noticeable change in your acne and your skin will be silky smooth. If you really want to get the most out of this scrub, apply a toner after you get out of the shower to truly clean out everything in your pores. Use this scrub only 2-3 times per month though, because it dramatically opens and cleans your pores. If you overuse it, your body may begin to overproduce oil and your acne could get worse." - via Inspiring Pretty

I rubbed it all over my face, rather then just on the problem areas. My skin was so soft immediately after and is still soft this morning. And it made the bathroom smell so sweet! 

This blog also talked about using honey as a spot treatment. 

"Honey is naturally antibacterial, which is why it’s used in many scrubs and facials. If you have a pimple that you need to be rid of by tomorrow, just put a dab of honey on it, then a band aid to keep it in place overnight. The next morning, the pimple will be gone or significantly smaller. You can also use honey by itself as a facial mask. Leave it on for an hour or longer if you wish to see a clearer complexion by the next day." via Inspiring Pretty

But I had read on other blogs before of doing a nutmeg, cinnamon and honey mixture as a spot treatment. I mixed it together till it was a silky syrup like consistency and added it all over my face, letting it sit for 20 minutes. Bloggers noted not to scrub it into your face as it can hurt, and if you have sensitive skin, be careful because it is rather strong.

 "Nutmeg has anti-inflammatory properties and was used since ancient times for a variety of skin diseases including ringworms and eczema. Add it with honey which has antiseptic benefits and the concoction is supposed to help erase acne marks over time. It is also supposed to help lighten skin tone. " - via Viva Woman

This morning all the acne I have has significantly reduced in size. 

You can also use brown sugar + olive oil + honey for a lip exfoliator.

Little did you know the ModCloth is not just for clothes, but they post tons of awesome tips and DIY stuff! 

Let me know if you try any of these things, or have skin care solutions you think are to die for! 


  1. You used brown sugar as a scrub? Wow! Exfoliation is indeed important for our skin. It helps the skin to appear more radiant and healthy by removing clogged pores and blemishes. In addition, eating right should still be part of one’s skincare regimen. What you take in also reflects your skin outer glow. :)

    Cornell Finkel

  2. I also use brown sugar as a body scrub! When I use it on my face, I mix it with a teaspoon of honey and apply it all over my face and let it sit for some minutes. After that, I can feel the smoothness in my face. We must always take care of our skin and pamper ourselves with some skin treatments every now and then.

    -Francis Powers