Labor Day Camping

Since the weather is starting to cool down and school has started we took the long weekend to do a little camping.

We went up Provo canyon, we were going to camp at Deer Creek but there was soooo many people there so we drove up near Squaw Peak to where we went camping our very first time as a married couple. It's a really pretty meadow. Someone should seriously let me take them up there for a family session this fall.

I am covered in bug bites =( but it was a blast to get out! I know how much Davey loves the great out doors! He's really in his element out there! And the beard fits in so well too!

After breakfast we did a little swimming at Deer Creek. It was cold, but I am such a little fish I didn't even care. I could seriously spend all day every day in the water. Time to move to somewhere with a beach? I think yes. Minus us both being totally sunburned it was a super fun weekend jam packed with not being lazy and sitting around at home. Loved it.

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