Pine Sol Solve

So I enjoy summer as much as the next gal but I hate flies. Hate them! I would give anything to not have them in my house. On Pinterest (I can't find the original pin) I had read to wipe everything down with Pine Sol because flies "hate Pine Sol". So I have started doing this and it really does help, I don't know where they go while I am cooking, but they don't bother me.

I first make sure the sink is empty, all dirty dishes in the dish washer. No open water, flies and fruit flies are attracted to open water, so no water sitting in the sink, no water glasses sitting out, and even no wet towels on the counter. I wipe down everything with Pine Sol. I bought a cheap spray bottle from Walmart (like $1.30) so it's easy to just spray down everything, rather then pour. I spray Everything, the counter, cabinets, microwave and fridge.

Today the family did a little BBQ-ing and despite my best to keep it closed, someone left the door open pretty much the entire time. I came down to the kitchen to make some cookies and counted over 12 flies in the kitchen. UGH. I have never seen that many, maybe 3 or 4 at most. I was not going to be cooking anything until they were gone. So I did my usual cleaning first. I killed 14 flies with the fly swatter (so many I tell you, so gross) and then I wiped the kitchen down with Pine Sol. I went up to my room for about 20 minutes, and came back down. I found 5 flies dead on the ground and 3 dead on the counters. Folks. This stuff works!

Summer is nearly over (yay fall!) But there are still flies lingering and you won't want to forget this next summer!

Your Welcome! 

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