Deals for Days

So I have become a little obsessed with finding good deals on Halloween decor. This week I hit up Target. They had shockingly already cleared out most of their Halloween stuff, costumes included and replaced it with Christmas stuff. This was the same case with Hobby Lobby. They really only had one tiny section of horribly over-picked Halloween stuff. But... all of their Fall and Christmas decor was 40% off. And I may be wrong, but I think when they got in their Halloween stuff it was 40% off too. So keep an eye on Hobby Lobby for when new seasonal decor comes in stock for a killer deal! I bought all the below things 40% off, I don't think I spent more than $3 on a single thing!

I thought I was out of luck on finding any good Halloween decor, but oh was I wrong! I had some major time to kill (3 hours) before a session today so I hit up Tai Pan in Sandy. I seriously don't remember the last time I hit up the Sandy one, but I will never go back to the Orem one. The Sandy one is HUGE. Like easily the size of a grocery store. Maybe bigger. I spent well over two hours exploring the store. And they had TONS of Halloween stuff left. Seriously, I kept coming across more displays of stuff. And.... it was all 50% off! All of it! So after all my exploring I had a good collection in my cart I thought "I think this is about $20, that should be good." And I went to check out. I guess I can't do math cause I only spent $12. Score! 

Seriously, I want to go back and get more stuff, and maybe I will!

They also had tons of adorable Christmas and fall decor that I can't wait to buy once it all goes on sale =) 

Like this little bird!

And these below guys were both under $5! If I had been able to do math properly under excitement I totally would have bought them today! (#timetogobacktoschool

Look it's Hedwig! 

Oh and this....

My little sister Christina informed me about this little wonderfulness. So I had to go hunt for it. I was prepared to drive like an hour away from home to find it (since they don't have a list of locations where you can get it on their site) but luckily the first place I tried had it! Win! 

Happy Saturday! 

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