Adria's Series of Things You Won't Find In Utah

Starting things off right;

Mini bottles of wine.... At the gas station.

Raffle/Lotto machines

Lots of wine at the grocery store. Lots. Also the option, and encouragement to buy it in bulk. I was surprised by how many people  I saw walking out with just cart fulls of wine. Cart fulls. I can't imagine that price tag... 

Not pictured, lots of coffee and chocolate liquor ice creams. I mean, I have heard of them before, nothing really unique, but a lot more then what you would see in Utah.

Lots of trees.

Lots of antique stores. A lot more then in Utah.

A lack of movie theaters. There are only two near by, and near by as in an hour away. Additionally they don't have assigned seats which I found odd. It's been awhile since I had felt like I need to make sure to get to a movie plenty early in order to get a seat. And finally, prior to the movie they played a lot of video game commercials  which I found odd.

Wegmans. The grocery store of all grocery stores. You're thinking, wait, I'm sure it's just a grocery store. But they have unique foods as well as a massive food court where you can get Italian, Asian, Thai, you name it, and it's all pretty good.

This glorious lovely was from Wegmans.

An odd obsession with pretzels? At the grocery store bakery you can buy tons of different pretzels. Tons. At the wonderful gas station, Sheets, yes, a wonderful gas station, they serve sandwiches on pretzels. Here we have a breakfast sandwich on a pretzel. It's amazing. 

We also found these...

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