Fossil Beach

Dave luckily finally had some time off this week so we took advantage of it and went on a little camping adventure for a couple nights. It was so nice to get out. It made me realize we really need to take more little trips, even if they are just for one night.

Some ladies in the ward told me about a place called Westmoreland where they take their kids during the summer to hunt for fossilized sharks teeth. Since it was only 2 hours away from us we planned a little trip.

The first day was rainy, but we still had plenty of fun. The campsites were in nice wooded areas, plus they had flushing toilets (so nice) and showers (a little sketch, but grateful to be able to rise with the  high risk of ticks out here!) The park had tons of awesome stuff to do. Seriously, it would be great for a family with kids. They had lots of activities that were super affordable like a nature walk, hunting for sharks teeth, paddle boats, kayaking trips and lots more. We just did our own thing, but if we had had a little more spending money we certainly would have gone on a kayaking tour!

The first day we just walked along the beach and collected a few shells. We also found this on the beach;


We enjoyed the best for dinner; tin foil dinners, but they took forever to cook! Since it had been raining the wood was wet - you could only buy wood from the park and weren't allowed to bring outside wood - plus the 67% humidity made having a good fire practically impossible. Ugh! We miss dry Utah. We have never had to work so hard to have fire.

The next morning we drove to get some breakfast because we didn't want to deal with trying to start another fire and went to visit the birthplace of George Washington, just about 15 minutes from where we were staying.

It was a really pretty place, and the people there were so nice! They had lots of people there all dressed up giving tours and talking about the history. One lady even gave us some great tips on getting a good fire going. She told us to buy Firestarter, little blocks that help dry out your wood. They helped! It was still slow going, but better than the first night.

We went back to Fossil Beach and spent the rest of the day there. We founds lots of cool shells but only one tiny sharks tooth. Boo.

We've looked up some other beaches that are supposedly good for finding sharks teeth and there are a few in Maryland also 2 hours away we are going to check out next!

The bugs the second evening were so bad! The flies wouldn't leave us alone! I wonder if they liked us more after we had spent the entire day in the water. Bug spray did nothing!

The bugs were so loud at night. The second night we remembered we had earplugs in the car and used those. I fell asleep so fast!

But I got SUPER sick our last night there. I woke up at midnight and had Dave drive me down to the bathrooms. They weren't that far from our camp, but I was worried I wouldn't make it on foot and was having a lot of stomach pain. I only got about four hours of sleep and we left for home early in the morning. We were going to go to another place, Stratford Hall, about 30 minutes east of us, which had another beach front with sharks teeth, and the birthplace of Robert E Lee, but I was still sick as a dog, so we went home.

I felt so bad for Dave, our trip getting cut short, and he packed up camp all by himself. I am so grateful to have a husband who is so great at taking care of me when I really need him. I am one lucky girl.

Despite the bugs, the rain and being sick, it was still an awesome adventure with my Davey.

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