Antietam Battlefields

A few days after Christmas dad and I went out and visited the Antietam Battlefields. 
I should have blogged about this sooner, the memories are getting foggy! But it was so much fun. 
We drove out and did the driving tour of the battlefields. It was pretty cold and windy, so we didn't spend a lot of time at each stopping point, but it was still very fun and pretty. 

We climbed to the top of this tower. It was soooo cold on top! 
And hiking down the stairs was a little scary. Ack! Don't fall! 

After that we decided we should find a place for some lunch. 
We first needed to get gas, but couldn't find any where that sold diesel! 
Usually I use the Gas Buddy app but we didn't have any service! 
Luckily we found gas before running out.  
Next was finding a place to eat, we were pretty hungry at this point. 
And at this point I tried to use Yelp to help us find a place but again, 
still no service! So we just kept driving. 

Finally we had service and I found a place called
Ortega's Taco Shop, with nearly five stars.
One review said the place was cute and clean.
Another place said they were "off the chain". 
We laughed about it and decided to check them out.

Oh man! So glad we did! 

Finding good tacos in VA has proved impossible.
And technically this place was actually in West VA. 
But man. They were good! And so cheap!

I am so glad for an awesome dad to take fun little road trips 
and brave ghetto looking towns to find amazing tacos with. 
I have the best dad. 

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