The Defining Decade - Final Review

I FINALLY finished reading the Defining Decade. Remember how I started reading that forever ago? October of 2012 to be exact. Ridiculous. I basically forgot about it. But I committed to finally finish it as one of the hopefully many books I will read this year. 

The Defining Decade helps you open your eyes of how important your twenties are and makes a convincing argument as to why you shouldn't just waste them away.

Such a seriously good read! I won't go on about it, I will just share with you a few of my favorite quotes and bits that I found that really spoke to me that might speak to you too;

"I feel like I'm in the middle of the ocean. Like I could swim in any direction but I can't see land on any side, so I don't know which way to go."

"He felt overwhelmed by the prospect that he could swim anywhere or do anything. He was equally paralyzed by the fact that he didn't know which of the anything's would work out. - Pick a direction and start swimming. But you can't tell one way from the other, so you can't pick. You can't even tell if you're swimming toward something, so why would you use up all your energy going the wrong way? I guess all you can do is hope someone comes along in a boat or something."

If your feeling this way ^^^ this book will help!

"It is easy to feel overwhelmed by uncertainty, to want to lie low with the urban tribe, or our parents, until our brains just mature on their own and somehow suddenly know the sure answers to our lives. But that's not how the brain works. And that's not how life works. Besides, even if our brains could wait, love and work can't. The twenties are, indeed, the time to get busy. It's forward thinking for an uncertain age."

"Sam had it all backward. The way he saw it, he couldn't join the world until he felt like a man, but he wasn't going to feel like a man until he joined the world."

"Never again will we be so quick to learn new things. Never again will it be so easy to become the people we hope to be. The risk is that we may not act now."

 "It was like I had traded five years of partying or hanging out in coffee shops for five more years I could have had with my son if I'd grown up sooner."

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