I hate when I take time to blog and the memories already start to get foggy! It doesn't help that I am currently sick (ugh) but, oh well. Last week was lots of fun with my Davey. We don't know how long we will be in VA (how many times have I said that?) so we are trying to make the most of it. Last week we went to tons of random places, just got in the car and drove. Found some fun way out of the way places. Here are some of our adventures;

On Wednesday we ran to the mall since I had ordered some things and needed to make some returns and exchanges. After that we decided to just go out and defog. If you don't have the Fog of World app and love going on drives, are a gamer and/ or feel like blowing $4.99, download that app. 

After a little defogging Dave suggested we go to Harper's Ferry which someone at work had recommended to him. It was adorable! It had lots of cool buildings along an awesome cobblestone road. We got there at 6 pm, an hour after all the shops had closed, bummers! But it was still so cute, we will certainly be going back once it warms up a bit and during business hours.  

The remains of what used to be a factory in Harper's Ferry.

Can you spot all the deer?

And the oh so pretty drive home. Narrow winding back roads give me so much anxiety, 
but they sure are pretty! 

The next day we went to a few places, first Natural Chimneys 

Next, Sherando Lake. It was pretty cold there, still had lots of snow, but was really pretty, clear water with sandy "beaches". Can't wait to go swimming and camping there once it warms up!

For dinner we went to Hardee's. I LOVE that place. 
Seriously, so yummy. Such a shame we don't have one close to us! 
The Hardee's we went to was in some Podunk little town and was totally empty. 
The employees were just waiting around for someone to show up. But still, yummy.

We were two hours from home, so it was a bit of a drive. I started craving some ice cream, so Dave looked up local ice cream shops. We stopped at this one in Warrenton. 
Despite the cold weather they were so busy!
 I just got a Snicker's shake. Dave got a funnel cake sundae. The small size. 

 As we were walking away, an older gentleman asked, "What is that??" 
And Dave was like, "The small funnel cake sundae. But I think I just ordered diabetes."

Despite the size, and I'm sure the horrific calorie count it was pretty amazing. 
I didn't eat my shake till later, I stuck it in the freezer and ate it like 2 hours later. 

Along with whip cream, ice cream and chocolate, the funnel cake was topped with amazing wet nuts. 
If you haven't been lucky enough to try wet nuts, they are just walnuts in a yummy syrup, 
popular here in the south. I plan to try making some homemade ones here soon. 
I'm pretty excited about it.

Happy Monday! 

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