Oh America the Beautiful

Virginia is too pretty for words. 

I know I raved about Virginia in the Fall, 
but Spring is plenty rave worthy too. 
If you ever have the chance to visit Virginia in either season, 
but preferably both, take that chance. 
And let me know and I will also supply you with a hearty list 
of all the best eats. I promise, I won't let you down.  

These purple trees are my favorite. Although this isn't the best picture, they line the roads in many areas through April. And every time I pass by I ooh and aah over that pretty purple. 

Virginia back roads give me some serious anxiety, but you can't beat the views.

It's hard to believe we have now lived in VA for a year, packing the bare minimum for what we planned to be just a summer in VA, while the bulk of our belongings collect dust in storage back home. We never expected to still be here. But it's been a fun year, jam packed with plenty of exploring and adventures. I look forward to see whatever lies ahead of us.

Happy Friday

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