Virginia Beach - Again!

Can I take a second to talk about how much we are loving living within reasonable driving distance to the beach. I have made the decision that I have to visit the beach at least once a year. At least. No matter where we live. I've decided that Utah would be the most perfect state if only it wasn't land locked. There are so many things we miss about Utah; we miss the food, the mountains, the hiking, the lack of disease ridden ticks, the dry heat, and of course all our awesome friends and family, but having the beach so close helps us cope with being so far away, we get to drown our sorrows at the beach! But really, Utah needs ocean access. 

So this week we decided to make a last minute trip to the beach. Neither of us were actually feeling great, but we went anyways. The first day we got there it was soooo foggy. You could hardly see the water. It was so eerie! But we swam any ways! And I realized I haven't ever really swam in the ocean. I swam in Mexico in a bay when I was kid with the family once, but the waves were pretty non-existent. But these waves seemed huge and kicked my butt. I am not even joking. Multiple times I was thrown back, head over heels rolling across the sand through the water forced back by the waves. But Dave had a good laugh and despite my sore, sand scrubbed skin it was still fun and won't keep me away! 

Like I said, you could hardly see the water! 

By the time we got checked in and got changed, ready to swim, the fog had faded.

Forever in love with the waves!

The next morning I did some newborn photos for my friends, to be shared soon! 

Got ourselves some oh so yummy breakfast

Then we spent a little more time at the beach. It was blue skies and nice and warm! I think we both actually got a bit of sun! Bring on the summer tans! 

Visited King Neptune,

 And fell in love with the adorable octopus sculptures 

Got some more of our favorite Cook Out (too good!)

And headed home, out before the traffic! We are getting pretty good at this overnight beach trip thing and plan to go two if not three times a month! 

Short and sweet! 

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