Birthday Week

For the week of my birthday we went to Virginia Beach, surprise! We had originally planned on going to Myrtle Beach, which we do hope to go there are some point, but since it's a 14 hour drive, round trip, we decided to just go to VA Beach since it is only a 6 hour drive, round trip. The beach is the beach pretty much no matter where you go, right?

To start off the trip, about half way into the drive the AC in our car decide to go out. The loveliest thing about VA is that it's so humid, even with the windows down and the wind blowing, it doesn't really help things cool off. Super awesome. Super sticky and gross. Love it... Bleck. Luckily it started working again only after only about 30 minutes. Thank heavens!

For the first night we stayed at First Landing State Park. The campgrounds were surprisingly really well wooded, very reminiscent of lots of the campgrounds we stayed at in Utah. I wish I had not been so lazy and had taken more pictures of the awesome trees there, but let's be honest, I was just excited to get into the water!

The weather was pretty nice for a few hours, until a big nasty storm rolled in.

There were tons of tiny little crabs scuttling all over the beach! So fun to watch! I didn't get any pictures of them because they were so little and so fast!

And thanks to this nice old couple for saving my bag from a bird plucking at it while we were way out in the water!

As soon as we heard thunder we packed up and made the trek back to camp. Good thing we left when we did. The storm rolled in quick, and it rained hard! 

The walk to and from the beach was really hot and humid, but really pretty! 

Love the greenery! 

After beach time we headed out for an early dinner. We decided to hunt around on Yelp for something new. We found a taco place close to the boardwalk that was cheap and had good reviews. I didn't get pics of the shop but it was so cute inside and bonus, the tacos were only $2! We tried a bunch of different tacos. I really liked their carnitas tacos, I have had a hard time finding good carnitas tacos in VA, so that was a huge plus. We also really loved their shrimp tacos. They were very similar to our favorite Rubio's shrimp tacos we miss so much! So happy to find good tacos at fairly good prices!!

After that we decided to go see the new X-Men movie, which was so good! Loved it! Go see it! Love that Hugh Jackman!

When we got out of the movie it was pouring. Pouring! I could hardly see the road driving back to camp. We ended up stopping and I let Dave drive since I don't do so well driving in the rain. It's scary! But we made it back to camp. To our pool of a tent. Really. We had a good inch, maybe two of water in our tent. Thank heavens we moved our bags of clothes to the car before so they weren't wet! We tried sleeping in the car with the windows cracked open. I got eaten alive by some bug. Then we moved to sleeping in the tent since it was too stuffy in the car for Dave to fall asleep. Luckily since we had a air mattress we were dry, it was just wet around us. The rain on the tent was actually therapeutic and I slept pretty well! It rained pretty much all night, till sunrise I think. Then we cleaned up camp and headed to breakfast at Citrus. Dave said he was scared of finding a snake under our tent when he was tearing down camp! Totally could have happened! Thank heavens we didn't come across any snakes! Ack!

It was pretty rainy and windy and cold the entire day. So we spent the whole day trying to find ways to entertain ourselves. Dave looked up prices for the Aquarium. He said it was only $12 so to the Aquarium we drove! Only to find out it was like $23 or something outrageous. So no, we didn't do that. We looked up a few other museums, but nothing perked our interest. So we walked around the mall, hung out at Barnes and Noble, and then saw another movie.

In exploring Barnes and Noble, which was about a 15 minute drive from the beach, we noticed all the books were quite warped and appeared to have a significant amount of water damage. Kinda crazy! We didn't buy anything, but I couldn't help but wonder if they gave a discount on the books for the damage...

We saw Neighbors. Not the best movie I have ever seen, not the worse. I do like Zac Efron. Guilty pleasures.... And the baby in the movie was so dang cute!

After the movie we checked into our hotel for the night! Yay for not sleeping in a waterlogged tent!

A King sized bed is really such a glorious thing.We really need to buy one!

The view from our room. Can't complain. Other then about the rain! 
We spent the evening watching TV, walking around the boardwalk, and watching more TV.
And we got ourselves more tacos for dinner, enjoyed while watching even more TV.

Look at that yumminess.

Despite the King sized bed and not being in a wet tent I slept horribly. I got like 3 and a half hours of sleep. I planned on waking up to try and get some pictures of the sunrise. This is what the sunrise looked like.

Blarg. Certainly not the lovely sunrise I was hoping for. Awesome photo op, right?

It was pretty disappointing. I had imagined getting nice and gloriously tan and reading a book or two.
Instead I spent the morning in leggings and a sweater, trying to stay warm as I read my book.

Not ideal, but it's always an adventure for the two of us. Good or bad.

We thought about staying another day, since the weather was supposed to be better the next day. But decided to just cut our losses and head home.

The next day dad bought a grill so we could do some proper grilling! Dave helped me make our favorite grilled pizza's, he also grilled up some chicken and veggies. And mom made me strawberry pie, a birthday must!

Despite getting rained out at the beach, we had a good time 
and got to enjoy plenty of amazing food! Yay for birthdays! 
So thankful for my awesome family and my wonderful Bear! 

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