Change the World

The other day my dad shared this video and it was very powerful to me and has lingered in my mind ever since;

If you don't want to watch the entire thing (you should) it is an interview with Sir Nicholas Winton who in 1939 saved 669 mainly Jewish children from Czechoslovakia, which was under occupation by Nazi Germany. While risking his own life he organized train transports of the children from the endangered area to Great Britain which was not yet affected by the war. There he found new homes for them and allowed them to start a new, safe life. 

The video goes on to talk about how now, 75 years later, after the work he did not only saved the lives of 669 children, but today, children and grandchildren of those 669, now totaling in 15,000 are alive today because of Sir Nicholas Winton. 15,000 people! 

One burning desire I have, but struggle with knowing how to accomplish is "wanting to change the world". That thought can be really overwhelming. But in learning of this man, I couldn't help but relate it in my mind to missionary work. When we do missionary work, not only are we saving the one soul we reached out to, but anyone that individual shares the light of the Gospel to, as well as the posterity of that individual, generations and generations to come. 

My dad and his parents are converts. When my dad was 12 years old he and his parents began investigating the church and chose to be baptized. I am grateful to have been blessed to live in a family that has always been strong and active in the Church. Dave's parents are also converts, the first from their family. I am so grateful for the sacrifices they made that lead them to joining and raising a family in the church, and in turn putting Dave in a situation where we could meet via a singles ward.

We may never know the impact we have in doing missionary work. We may just be planting seeds for another missionary to harvest. We may never see the fruit of our labors, but I have no doubt that when we are all on the other side, we will be able to see what help we were to those we touched. And I would much rather be able to see all those I touched in some way, rather then to learn of all the missed opportunities I didn't take advantage of in sharing the light of the Gospel to someone else. 

I really do believe that we are able to "change the world". And that can be done through the light inside us, the restored Gospel that helps us come unto Christ and allows families to be together forever, and the responsibility and blessing we have to share it with others. I pray that we may all be open and active in looking for and finding any missionary opportunities that come our way and have the courage to act on them.

PS If you are as inspired by Sir Nicholas Winton as I am, please take the opportunity to sign this petition to award him with the Nobel Peace Prize 

Happy Monday my friends! 

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