Florida Trip Part II

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The next morning we visited some potential places for Dave's family to move into and then stopped by the beach. The beach was even more dreamy than I had expected. The sand was white and soft as flour, and the water was incredibly clear and beautiful. I don't know if we will even care to visit Virginia Beach now, haha. I knew Florida had some nice beaches, but it was even better then I had imagined. Stunning. This is Anna Maria Island. 

The weather was a bit gloomy, so we didn't swim, we just hung out and enjoyed the view. We saw a couple stingrays swim back and forth just a few feet out from where we were standing. Crazy! 

My collection from our little time walking on the beach

We went to a seafood place near our hotel for dinner. I actually wasn't a huge fan of it, but it was decent seafood at a fair price so I can't complain too much. We spent the evening watching a football game with the family at the hotel.

The next morning mom and dad did some more home hunting and Dave, Josh and I went to the beach. 

Taken by Dave, as spotted on the drive to the beach. 
You know you are in Florida when...

We went to one of the more touristy beaches - mistake, the sand wasn't quite as nice, the water was more on the murky side, and by noon it was packed with people - but it was still a good time.

I spent 90% of my time combing for seashells. Didn't find too many. When I was in the water I heard a splashing noise to my left, and looked down to see a stingray swim right past my leg! Scary!! Cool, but a little too close for my liking! (nervous laughter)

As it got later in the day the clouds cleared and we finally got to enjoy some sun! 

We then made our way to a yummy Mexican market for lunch. I looked up a bunch of places before we left home - as I always do - and this place was amazing! We ordered way too much food, but it was all so amazing! The best guacamole we have ever had! A.Maze.Ing!

Since we didn't really feel like going back to the crowded beach, we decided to do a little more swimming at our hotel pool. Around the pool, the chairs, tables and fences were covered in little lizards! So cute! 

The next morning Dave and I (tried to) woke up bright and early and made our way to the beach once again in hopes of finding some seashells. Sadly, there was already a good number of people there before us, we should have gotten there probably an hour earlier, so we didn't get any particularly big ones, but we still got a good share (that I have yet to get a picture of). While we didn't get really nice shells, we did get some really nice pictures...

Isn't that water amazing!?!

This was Bean Point, at the tip of Anna Maria Island

I could seriously spend all morning, every morning hunting for seashells.
Thanks to Bear for the pic.

Again guys, that water! Look! Look how clear it is!!!

We had to get a Geocache before leaving the state!

We then stopped at Anna Maria Donuts which was pure heaven. Warm and fresh, made to order. 

Classic glazed, maple bacon, cinnamon and sugar, white iced, white iced with raspberry, caramel with sea salt (incredible), chocolate and coconut (amazing) and chocolate iced chocolate chip. Heaven in a box.

We brought the delightful donuts back to share with the family. 

We took our car to a local car wash and got all the sand vacuumed out, and then hit a farmers stand to get some fresh produce for the drive home.

Don't be jealous. Despite how they look the strawberries were actually kinda terrible. 

And then we met the family at the Mexican market for one last lunch at our new favorite place before hitting the road.

We should have brought some of that guac home with us! 

And that's pretty much it! All in all it was a wonderful trip! Thanks for reading if you made it the whole way through! Here is a slideshow of all the pictures from the entire trip if you are so interested.

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