Valentines Weekend

I was rather sick Valentines weekend, but we still had some fun times so I figured I would share!

I woke up to some lovely roses and a handmade card from my sweet Bear as well as finding him making a couple cards for my sisters to go along with the roses he got them as well. So sweet!

We weren't really sure what we wanted for dinner. We had been craving some lovely Italian and tried looking up a few new places but decided to just go to our favorite Italian place near home, that was delightful as always! That place is seriously addictive! It had been awhile since we had been. So good.

Since REI was having a big winter sale we decided to go there and see what good deals we could get, And since it was near by we went over to Whole Foods to get some macaroons! Sorry, no pic of those! 

On Monday, since Dave had the day off we decided to go to a place called Pitango, known for their authentic Italian gelato and coffee. I was seriously looking forward to trying their gelato, but it was way too cold outside! We had to park a bit of a ways from our car and were frozen once we got there so we opted for some of their hot chocolate instead. I thought you could only get this sort of lovely art on coffee, so I was pretty thrilled to see our hot chocolate served up like this, loved it! I need to learn how to do this!

Yummy yummy, can't wait to go back! We then went across the street to a little French bistro, It was quite busy and a little hectic, and rather over priced, but I had a yummy caprese sandwich served on a warm baguette. Yum. I've been craving it ever since! 

While it was a weekend nearly 100% food based, I have no complaints! Love my Bear and so grateful to be blessed with such a sweet, loving and thoughtful man! I'm a lucky girl. 

Also, here's a couple random pics of all the snow we've been getting. I love the snow! 

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