General Conference Spring 2015

Wow! What a rich Easter weekend! Right? Every talk was so special and powerful. 
I am already looking forward to re-listening and re-reading them. 

You might be sick of them, but I Don't Care. 
I am sharing some of my favorite quotes from last weekends General Conference. 
I can truly say that I have felt so uplifted this entire week  
as I have worked to keep these words in my heart 
and it's a feeling I hope and plan to strive to keep always.

If you missed conference, that's okay! You don't have to miss out on the wonderful uplifting words on conference, It's always available to listen to or watch online! Please do!

Also, if you don't follow the Churches Facebook page, you are missing out! They post great things including videos like these;

And my ultimate favorite...

Happy Saturday!


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