Quick & Healthy Greek Chicken - 30 Minute Meal

This has become one of our favorite recipes as of late. Inspired by delicious gyros, this meal is easy to throw together, ready in 30 minutes or less, yummy and healthy, making it the perfect light summer meal. 

What you need;
(measurements for 2 people)

4-5 Chicken breasts
1 tablespoon Greek or Italian Seasoning (they have fairly similar ingredients)
1 tablespoon olive oil (enough to coat pan) 
Approx. 1/4 cup Tzatziki 
Approx. 2 tablespoons Feta Cheese (I like less, Bear likes more!)
1 Tomato
1/2 Cucumber

I love these Perdue brand chicken breasts that are all fairly thin and can be cooked without needing to be deforested. Bonus! I do really love to make this recipe with lamb as well. We are lamb obsessed! But obviously I don't always have that on hand, and it's quite a bit more expensive. 

Heat pan over medium high heat with olive oil, Once the pan is hot I add the frozen breasts and top them with the seasoning I have on hand. I allow each side to cook about 8 minutes and then turn the heat down to low, and cover, cooking for another 5 minutes until chicken is fully cooked.

While the chicken is cooking I prep my toppings. 

You can certainly make your homemade tzatziki which is really quite easy. Here is a link to a great healthy recipe. While it's not quite as healthy I do have a bottle of the stuff in the fridge. Makes the meal much easier when I am making it last minute and am feeling lazy or am crunched for time! Bear loves to use it as a dipping sauce when snacking on veggies. He can eat that stuff by the spoonful!

I then slice up my veggies.

Our chicken should be ready by this time. I like to give it a minute to rest, as I don't like it to heat up my toppings too much, but that's just my preference. 

Spread a little of the sauce, top with veggies, and finally, cheese.

Can be served with fresh pita bread or a greek salad (click here for a crazy quick and healthy greek salad recipe that pairs perfectly with this!) 

And there you have it! 


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