This is part 1 in a 5 part series about our move to Texas. 
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Enjoy! xoxo

It's still crazy for me to say, but we are officially Texans now! I never pictured myself living here, but we are so excited to be here! I figured I would share a little back story on how we ended up here.

Maybe a year ago, or so, we started feeling like our time in Virginia was coming to an end. We felt like there had been a period of time when we were supposed to be there, and that time had passed. So we began to wonder, where to next? Our first hope was for Utah. But pretty quickly I felt like that wasn't where we were supposed to be. I was a bit sad to be feeling that way, but despite my wishes, I couldn't deny how strong the feeling was, that's not where we were supposed to be. Looking back, I think that was a blessing to have received that answer so quickly and so strongly. I was able to accept it, and be open to other options. 

We considered a slew of other places; Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Southern Virginia, and finally Texas. Something about Texas felt right. Even having done little, to no research, we felt pulled to Texas, specifically San Antonio, a place neither of us had ever been. The more we did research, the more it felt right.

As we began to work on preparing to come here, many times it felt like it would be impossible. Even now, there is still so much work for us to do, it's a little overwhelming. But it's exciting to also see how smoothly things have gone. 

We didn't expect to be here till August or September. But at just the beginning of May an opportunity opened up for June and we decided to take it. And even on top of the that, we ended up leaving a near week earlier than expected. So we packed our little car to the brim, and hit the road. Not even sure where we would be living once we had gotten to Texas!

We made a few stops along the way (more on that in another post) and we arrived in Texas Monday, June 13th. We stayed in a hotel just two nights, and luckily were able to move into a place by Wednesday. We are so grateful with how smoothly everything went. We certainly have been very blessed with this move!

I will post more detailed blog posts shortly about our adventures, but so far we are loving Texas!

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