Exploring Texas Hill Country

We had a very fun day on the 4th of July. We woke up fairly early for a ward breakfast. Our ward here has been so nice and welcoming! I think it's a perfect fit for us. The Bishop even helped us get a dining table and chairs! Thank you Bishop!

Dave did a great job setting the table for our first dinner guests, the Sister Missionaries

We then decided to go for a drive to explore Texas Hill Country and see what pretty things we could find. I had read about a farm that had fields of wildflowers. I wasn't sure what was in bloom at the moment, if anything, but we figured it would be fun to get out and explore somewhere new.

A sunset picture would have been better, but they had some pretty yellow and purple wildflowers in bloom,

They had some shops that we walked through, one shop that had home decor, one shop that had food and canned goods, yummy jams and salsas, and an open shop where they sold flowers and plants. We got some really yummy salsa to take home, and a peach ice cream cone.

Please forgive my chipped nail polish!

We drove around the nearby town of Fredericksburg. They had crazy traffic because we pulled into town just as their 4th of July parade was wrapping up. But we managed to find a place to get some lunch. We stopped at a place called Woerner Warehouse that was a cafe and an antique store, super cute place! 

The servers were so friendly, and the food was AMAZING. They said it's all farm to table, and just about everything is locally sourced. So tasty. Shame they are an hour away! But well worth the drive!

And a couple pictures we took of each other, since it's so rare, hahaha

And we saw this on the way home;

So random! 

Thanks for joining in our Texas adventures!


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