Mission San José

We live so close to downtown, it makes it easy to explore it bit by bit without it taking up the entire day. That was one thing that was so difficult about DC. Even though we lived really quite close, the traffic and parking made it an all day event! Sometimes I wish we had gone and done more, but honestly, I crossed off my most important item, the cherry blossoms, twice! So I think I'm okay.

Downtown San Antonio is pretty small and mellow, it almost reminds me of Salt Lake. It doesn't feel like a huge busy city. Granted, I haven't been on a Friday or Saturday night, but that's fine by me.

We decided to visit some of the Missions around San Antonio. I love the Spanish influence in San Antonio! Visiting these missions almost feel like you are in Spain! The church there was built in 1768! So much history! Such beautiful architecture and woodwork!

We ended the outing with a trip to In-N-Out. Texas really has the best of everything! 

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